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Welcome to enfor consultants ltd.

The forests of Delbrook, North Vancouver

Enfor Consultants Ltd. is a leading forest planning and analysis consulting company. Professional foresters, engineers and technologists ready to serve you. Since 1994, Enfor has successfully delivered professional services and software solutions to industry, government and communities. Your allowable annual cut (AAC) and stumpage fees are key drivers of your business and we have the solutions for you.

Enfor specializes in stumpage analysis and timber pricing. Stumpage fees are at an all-time high and can affect whether you can operate or not. Our professional staff will assess your situation and get you back to being competitive. Just ask our clients.

Enfor specializes in timber supply analysis, forest growth and yield, visual resource analysis, sustainable forest management planning, engineering and forest economics. Let us help you determine a sustainable harvest rate and to solve the constraints so you can get the most out of the forest.

Enfor also develops commercial forestry software applications. Timber pricing and stumpage analysis, residue and waste surveys, timber supply analysis, growth and yield, and visual analysis. Enfor's user friendly software is used widely by forest professionals to solve forest planning problems and improve competitiveness.

Feel free to call us to see how we can meet your exacting needs. Software demos are also available.

Thankyou for your interest in Enfor, we're committed to delivering you a successful project.